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The best players in the world are back in the Olympic capital for the 7th edition of Lausanne Billiards Masters. With another exceptional participation: • The best players in the world ranking • The world champion • The female world champion • The U22 World champion • The European U21 champion.

SEASON 7: 15.11.2019








Masters News

CHO Myung Woo World Champion

CHO Myung Woo World Champion

For the third time in his young career, Myung Woo Cho from South Korea has won the Junior world championship 3-cushion. In Valencia, where the Spanish Federation had combined this championship with the Ladies event, Cho was never in any danger. His averages are way...

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Therese World Champion

Therese World Champion

The reigning Ladies world champion successfully defended her title in Valencia, Spain. Therese Klompenhouwer from the Netherlands beat her long-time rival Orie Hida from Japan in the final, to complete a dominant championship. She stayed unbeaten through the week, was...

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About the Masters

The organizing committee has made every effort to offer competitors with optimal conditions and an atmosphere conducive to exploits.

We hope you will keep all, players and spectators a memorable memory of this competition.

Thanks to the various public institutions and sponsors as well as to the people who have supported us so much financially as well as through their voluntary work and without that nothing would have been possible.

Enjoy your stay in Lausanne!

The billiard stars are in Lausanne, an event not to be missed!


Upcoming matches

with the first 6 players in the World Ranking • the female world champion • the U22 World champion • the European U21 champion


12h15 • J.H. Cho (Cor)    M. Horn (All)
12h15 • D. Jaspers (Hol)    M. Boulaz (Sui)

14h15 • E. Merckx (Bel)    M.W. Cho (Cor)
14h15 • M. Zanetti (Ita)     M. Panaia (Fra)

16h00 • Présentation des joueurs 

17h00 • S. Sayginer (Tur)    D. Sanchez (Esp)
17h00 • T. Tasdemir (Tur)    T. Klompenhouwer (Hol)

19h15 • D. Jaspers (Hol)    M. Horn (All)
19h15 • J.H. Cho (Cor)    M. Boulaz (Sui)

21h15 • M. Zanetti (Ita)    M.W. Cho (Cor)
21h15 • E. Merckx (Bel)    M. Panaia (Fra)

10h00 • T. Tasdemir (Tur)    D. Sanchez (Esp)
10h00 • S. Sayginer (Tur)    T. Klompenhouwer (Hol)

12h15 • D. Jaspers (Hol)    J.H. Cho (Cor)
12h15 • M. Horn (All)    M. Boulaz (Sui)

14h30 • M. Zanetti (Ita)    E. Merckx (Bel) 
14h30 • M.W. Cho (Cor)    M. Panaia (Fra)

16h45 • T. Tasdemir (Tur)    S. Sayginer (Tur)
16h45 • D. Sanchez (Esp)    T. Klompenhouwer (Hol)

19h00 • 1/4 Finale A    1/4 Finale B

21h15 • 1/4 Finale C    1/4 Finale D

10h00 • 1/2 Finale (vainqueur A – vainqueur B)

12h00 • 1/2 Finale (vainqueur C – vainqueur D)

14h30 • Finale

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